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About Chuck's Heating & Cooling
Serving the Vancouver and Portland Metro areas

Chuck’s Heating and Cooling is a 3rd generation HVAC business. Jim Hurt, my grandfather, started the business in 1965 and named it Jim Hurt Heating. He began the business in Oregon City and primarily worked on oil and gas furnaces. His sons, Steve, Chuck and Tom were still in school but would work summers and were soon in the business themselves. In 1980, Chuck and Tom bought out their dad and changed the name to Hurt Bros Heating and Cooling. They had expanded the business to include refrigeration (Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning) and custom-built duct systems.
In 1983, Tom decided to go into ministry and went to seminary. Chuck continued the business and excelled greatly at it, growing the services offered and its reputation. During this time, his older brother Steve, and brother-in-law, Steve Brogden, were also involved in the family business. Due to some severe health issues, it was decided the business would be sold and Chuck would work for the purchaser, figuring that being an employee would be less stressful. This proved to be a mistake however, as the quality of work, integrity, and treatment of the customer was not being upheld. He started up the business again as Chuck’s Heating and Cooling. His sons, Braden and Devin began working summers in 1986. Braden continued in the business and made it his career as well.

In 2012, Braden purchased the business from his father and Chuck reduced his hours to part-time, to be working but partially retired, until his unfortunate death in 2014. Chuck excelled at being a service tech during his career. He was well known in the Portland area for being able to solve issues that eluded many other techs. Thankfully, he passed this knowledge and ability to solve difficult issues on to his son, Braden Hurt. 2016 was the first year the great grandchildren of Jim Hurt got their hands dirty in the business.

Today, the business continues in the ways laid by Jim Hurt all those years ago……Honesty, customer service and quality, listen to their questions, give honest advice, do the best job possible, use the best equipment and parts possible, honor your word, and do every job as if it was in your own home.

Our Employees:

Braden Hurt
Owner/President - Service Tech/Installer
30 years of experience

Anita Hurt

Nason Cox
Installer/Service Tech
40 years of experience

Jeff Thomsen
2 years of experience