Emergency Tips

My heat won't come on.

First check to see that the thermostat's heat mode is set to "on", and that the thermostat is not set to air conditioning or fan. Then turn the thermostat up to between 70-75 degrees to see if the heat kicks on. If this does not work, go to the circuit box and check to see if the breaker has been tripped. If none of these steps bring the heat back on call Precision Sheetmetal & Heating at (503) 939-8600.

My house is cold.

Check for window and door cracks that my need to be sealed. Make certain that all registers are uncovered and that the filter has been changed prior to turning on the heat. Close all doors and vents to basements and any unoccupied rooms.

My heat pump is frozen.

Go to your thermostat and turn it to the emergency heat mode to thaw out the unit. Then call for a Precision service technician to come and have a look at the unit.

My air conditioning isn't cooling my home.

First, look at the thermostat and make sure it is set to "air conditioning" and not to "heat" or "fan". Then set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature of 70-75 degrees. Be sure that the air filter has been changed prior to turning on the air conditioner, and that all air vents are open and clear from obstruction.

How can I get the best performance from my air conditioning system?

During the hot summer afternoons keep the sun out by closing your drapes and blinds as this will help to keep the temperature down. Your unit may also need some refrigerant. Remember to have your air conditioning unit tuned up by a professional heating and cooling company before the summer hits.

There is sewage backing up into the house.

Call the City or County emergency phone number (Public Works Department) to have them come out and inspect their sides of the pipes to make sure it is not on their side, then call the plumber.

If you can't get immediate action from the public works departments, call Precision Sheetmetal & Heating at (503) 939-8600.

The faucet won't turn off.

Turn off valves under the sink.

Water heater is leaking.

Turn off valve to the water heater. If it is electric, turn off the breaker.

The water heater relief valve is leaking.
Turn off the water supply valve to the water heater and turn off thermostat.

Water pipes are leaking.

Turn off your Main water shut-off. It is found at the point where the main water pipe comes into your house.

Water line is leaking between the meter and the house in the front yard.

Call the City or County to turn off the water at the street then call a plumber